Under Pressure

The past couple of months I’ve been trying to learn some different songs to sing at karaoke night. Some of my favorite songs to listen to are performed by Queen, so I decided to try to learn how to sing their song “Under Pressure.” When I try to learn a song, I often watch YouTube videos of the performers as they sing the song. I’ve been having trouble this morning with my computer playing YouTube videos – I don’t know why! They seem to be spending a lot of time buffering, which is really unusual. The best one I’ve been able to see so far is this one that focuses mostly on band member brian may during the performance. I am enjoying watching him get into the song!

St Patrick’s Day

St Patricks Day (Free clip art)

St Patricks Day (Free clip art)

I have always loved the characters from Winnie The Pooh. So when I found this free clip art image of Piglet celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, I decided I wanted to share it here on my blog. Not planning to drink any green beer, or eat any corned beef, but I like the Happy Celebratory feeling of St. Patrick’s Day. To me, it is simply a celebration that spring really is on the way! I don’t have a lot of green clothing, though, and it is always a challenge finding green things to wear that don’t make me look like I’m sick! So I am glad that it is only one day a year – I wouldn’t want to wear green clothes every day!

Day for Love

Valentine's Day (free clipart fromfreevalentinedayimagesdotcom/valentines-day-valentines-day)

Valentine’s Day (free clipart fromfreevalentinedayimagesdotcom/valentines-day-valentines-day)

I found this pretty picture from a website (freevalentinedayimages dot com/valentines-day-valentines-day-png-clipart/) that says it is a free picture to use on my website. I think it is pretty, and wanted to share it here, for anyone that might stumble upon my blog to enjoy. I hope everyone has a great Valentine’s Day this year!

New Year’s Resolutions

Have you made any New Year’s Resolutions this year? One of mine is to waste less food. I am apalled every week when I get ready to go to the grocery store and I rummage around the refrigerator to see what needs to be thrown out and find so much food that has been there too long to eat!

Part of the problem is that often times when I cook supper the rest of the family decides at the last minute that they aren’t going to eat dinner. Now I know I’m a good cook, but the only time I can count on everyone coming to the table is if it is take-out Chinese Food or take-out Pizza. And I am NOT ordering take-out food every time we need to eat supper! So I think that I will put the rest of the family in charge of the meal planning, the shopping, and the cooking. I’m tired of wasting time, energy, and money on trying to feed this family. As for me, well I can just fix myself a PB&J sandwich, nachos, or a bowl of soup if no one cooks!

New Year’s Eve

The majority of my lifetime, New Year’s Eve celebrations have been something that other people celebrated. Not me. I’m one of those people that from time to time think about how nice it would be to actually go to a New Year’s Eve party, but I just don’t have enough friends to go out and celebrate the way that I always picture a celebration to be! When I was younger, still living with my parents, they took me to a New Year’s Eve party. There was a live band, and lots of people sitting around tables. I don’t think that it was a restaurant in the sense that I think of a restaurant, but maybe it was. Seemed to me that there were tables on a balcony that overlooked where the majority of the guests were, and where the band and dance floor were located. This was way back in the ’70s, mind you, so hopefully you can understand why I don’t remember all of the details. I imagine the party was in Maryland; we lived in Virginia and the drinking age in Maryland was 18 back then, and 21 in Virginia.

There were a lot of people having a wonderful time, but I really felt out of place, and awkward. The other people there never even looked at me – they were too busy having fun with their friends! I think that this is a good example of being in a room full of people, but feeling utterly alone! From time to time I’ll remember that party, and think about how awesome it would be to go to a party just like that if I were friends with all of the other people there!