The power outages have been wreaking havoc with electronics

I was sad, but not surprised, when Judy called me and told me that the power outage that happened last week in her neighborhood that happened because of the thunderstorms that raced through the eastern seaboard caused several of her household appliances to break. She told me that in addition to her whole-house air conditioner breaking down, she lost a microwave oven, a wide-screen television, a toaster-oven, her refrigerator, and several lamps. She has been spending a lot of time waiting for repairmen to come to her place to fix the different items. She was really lucky that the weather was on the cool side until the Morrisville ac repair technician could come to her place to fix her air conditioner! She had to wait a whole week for the repairman to come to fix her refrigerator, and two weeks for the television repairman!

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Advice given, not taken

Have you ever had people come to you asking for your advice on how to handle a situation that they are struggling with, then find out they did not take the advice and had bad results, and then they back to you complaining that their situation has worsened and ask you for more advice? That happens to me a lot! And believe me, it gets tiring because you KNOW that if they followed your advice in the first place the problem would have been solved, not worsened! So when they come back the second time begging for advice I’m not really sure how to respond! I rather feel like I’m hitting my head against the wall sometimes! I find it hard to NOT scold them for ignoring the first advice! How do YOU handle situations like this?

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A no-touch instrument

Have you ever seen a video of someone playing a moog theremin? I had never heard of a moog theremin before, so I decided to check out YouTube and see if I could find a video of someone playing one. I found this video, and I am completely fascinated by it! I’d love to buy one and try one out. I can imagine the reaction of my cats if they ever came across one!

Here’s a video giving a lesson on how to play one! Pretty interesting!

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Oh puleeze!

I was reading an article on a friend’s blog about an article she read on’s website that the PETA organization wrote a letter to Ben & Jerry’s telling them that they should stop using milk from cows to make their ice cream, and instead use human breast milk to make their ice cream! Knowing that you can get gallons of milk from a cow in only a few minutes of milking, and knowing that you can only get about four ounces of milk from a human in about twenty minutes, the feasibility of the logistics of such an endeavor is really absurd! I’ve been to a dairy farm and watched the cows get milked with the milk machines, and there is nothing cruel about milking a cow! I think someone has a little bit too much time on their hands!

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I don’t quite understand hummingbirds

I’d love to buy some new hummingbird feedersfor our yard to attract hummingbirds to our yard. I really love the ruby throated hummingbird – it is so beautiful and sparkly. It is dismaying, however, to observe how territorial and vicious they are towards each other! How anything can be so pretty and so mean at the same time is certainly a head-scratcher!

I don’t understand the photographs that I see in catalogs where several hummers are feeding at the same time at a feeder – in my experience they chase each other away so that only one can feed at a time! I’ve had to space my feeders far apart so that more than one can feed – if they are close together there is a bully that “guards” them and keeps chasing away all the other hummers!

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