Jeff Bridges Interview on YouTube says his mother was right!

I was watching an interview of Jeff Bridges on YouTube that was produced by gretsch guitars and I thought it was really funny that he talked about how when he was a child, he took piano lessons and he hated taking the classes. He talked about how he complained so much about practicing and taking the classes that eventually his mother let him quit, saying that he would regret it later in life, and now he says his mother was right – he does regret it now! That got me wondering about how many times my mother nagged me to do something, and whether she was right or not. My conclusion was – no, she wasn’t right!

Giving great gift baskets

gift basket (free clip art)

gift basket (free clip art)

One of the things that I like about giving gift baskets is finding one that not only is full of goodies, but that the basket itself is adorable and reusable and relevant to the person who is receiving the gift. For example, one of the best holiday gift baskets I’ve ever seen is one that I’d like to give my youngest son – the gift basket itself looks like a drum, and he is a percussionist. Every Christmas I try to give him something that is related to drumming that is not pieces of a drum set itself, and it has been getting more difficult as time goes by to be creative in that way.

And for my hubby, who has a Harley Davidson Wide Glide, the cutest gift basket I’ve seen for him was when I was looking for gift baskets for men and found one that took shape in the form of an insulated ice chest that was big enough for a six pack stuffed with a teddy bear dressed in biker leathers, a picture frame that looked like a motorcycle with the wheels area cut out for two photos, and party snack mix along with other edible treats that he would love to eat!

With a little bit of thought about the recipient, it really isn’t all that hard to find and give a great gift basket that lets the recipient know that you didn’t just run down to the grocery store and buy a “generic fruit gift basket.” Gift baskets CAN be really nice gifts!

The Internet is such a valuable resource

One of the things I love about the Internet is how you can use it to learn how to do things! For example, I often use YouTube to watch videos on how to make things, or use things, or repair things! For example, I was watching a tutorial on how to use an Aviom A360 Personal Mixer:

I also like how you can use the Internet to buy things instantly – so many websites are from wholesalers, or retailers with websites set up so that you can find the product you need (like the Aviom A360 Personal Mixer and with just a click of the mouse you can Order online here and within a few days the product will show up on your doorstep! When you live way out in the country, going into the big city, or the nearest shopping mall sometimes simply is not an option. I love having the Internet to fill in the gaps when I need to get (or learn) something!

I was wondering why we stopped eating veggies

vegetables (free clip art)

vegetables (free clip art)

Over the past few weeks I’ve been letting my hubby and son take over the grocery shopping, and help with a lot of the meals and dishes. Mainly because I had come down with a bad cold and asked them to take over some of those things while I recovered. I didn’t ask why we weren’t having many veggies with the dinners (just meat and potatoes) – I was just grateful to be sitting down and having food put in front of me and no worry about the prep or clean up. 

Well, yesterday we had company and I was feeling better so I decided to rustle up the dinner. I discovered that we were all out of veggies! Apparently we have been out of veggies for quite a while and no one bothered to put them on the shopping list or buy them. Well, that explains a lot! Now I have to rummage through the pantry and figure out what ELSE we are out of and generate a GOOD shopping list and do the shopping!

Broken Links Can Be so Frustrating

broken link (free clip art)

broken link (free clip art)

A few minutes ago I was checking out a pet blog that my sister had recommended to me, and I saw a blog post that said it had 7 Safety tips for keeping pets safe on Halloween. Well, I have pets, and with Halloween approaching, I thought I would go ahead and read the post. This particular blog is the type where you essentially simply see the headline (and an image) and you have to click on one or the other in order to read the post. So I clicked on the headline, and it took me to the post. Sadly, the post was a broken image that gave me no information at all and I was very frustrated! I hate when that happens!