Wide price range

Are you ever surprised at a wide price range of something that has a particular name brand attached to it? Today I was surprised to see a large price range – from under $200 to over $6,000 on guitars associated with the name les paul at musiciansfriend.com. I imagine some of the guitars are for beginning students, and others are for professionals, and that is all well and good. I think building brand loyalty is a smart thing.

Happy Independence Day!

fireworks (free clip art)

fireworks (free clip art)

Today I’m expecting several extended family members to come over to enjoy a BBQ dinner, and maybe watch a few fireworks after dark. Fireworks always make me nervous – they are pretty, but dangerous and I’m always afraid someone is going to get hurt or that someone will accidentally set the woods on fire, or the house, or both! Even though fireworks are illegal, ALL of the neighbors shoot fireworks off on Independence Day. That really surprised me the first year we lived here, I didn’t think anyone would be shooting them off. It is a suburban neighborhood, and one of the neighbors is a police officer. I figured for sure that meant no one would be doing anything as blatantly illegal as that with a police officer for a neighbor! But to be honest, I think that his family shoots off the most!

So it seems that all we have to do to enjoy fireworks after dark is to sit on our front porch and look around on all sides to see what all of the neighbors are shooting off! Quite a show! And the noise continues way past bedtime, which I don’t like, but I guess the smart thing for me to do would be to take a nap and just deal with staying up late tonight!

Always will be Daddy’s little girl

As Father’s Day approaches, I always find myself in a very melancholy mood. My own father died in his early 50’s – before any of my children were born. I know that it wasn’t his idea to die – he died from a rare form of cancer, and he fought a good, long battle with it before it took him.

My oldest son is now in his thirties, so that should tell you that he has been gone quite a while now. I still have dreams about him, and there are a lot of songs that bring back memories of him. One of his favorite songs was Billy Joel’s “Piano Man.” I’m sure that his affection for the song was partly due to the fact that my father was a professional pianist.

So anyway, here I sit, thinking of how much I miss my father, wishing that he had been able to stay with us much, much longer. I’m dedicating this YouTube video of Billy Joel singing “Piano Man” to my Daddy, and I hope he’s listening and smiling from wherever his spirit is now.


When I was a kid, I had no idea that there were so many different kinds of guitars. I remember telling my parents that I wanted to learn to play the guitar, so they bought me an inexpensive acoustic guitar for a gift. I took lessons for a short while, but my fingers could not stand the pain of pressing against the strings, and I did not appreciate the music teacher’s methods of teaching me how to play. I spent months in a group class, where he lectured on how to read music (I already KNEW how to read music) and he never did bother to teach me how to play any songs at all! I think that if my parents had signed me up for classes with a different teacher, maybe I’d be a famous guitar player by now!

An age old tradition

Mothers Day Flowers (free clip art)

Mothers Day Flowers (free clip art)

For as long as I can remember, our family has always sent mother’s day flowers to grandmothers, aunts, and mothers using FTD! We’ve always depended on their high quality and beautiful arrangements. With mother’s day fast approaching, anyone who is planning to have flowers sent to their mothers would be well advised to order them now! Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day are the two busiest times of year for the florist industry!

I can remember the times before the Internet was invented how easy it was to look up a FTD florist in the yellow pages of the telephone book, call them up and order a beautiful arrangement, having it charged to my credit card. Now with the invention of the Internet, it is even easier, and you can see what you are ordering, which makes it even better!