I Like Hurricane Glasses

From time to time I will go to a restaurant and order some kind of mixed drink, (which is rather rare – I am not a big drinker) and they will bring it out in a hurricane glass. I don’t know if the bartending school taught their bartenders that when that type of drink is mixed up that it should come out in a hurricane glass or not, but I really like them a lot, and when a drink comes to the table in a hurricane glass, I am a little “extra excited” about the drink.

Earlier today I was looking at the customized cocktail glass at GlassWithATwist.com website and saw that they offered customized hurricane glasses, and I was so tempted to order one. This particular website lets you customize just one glass if you want to! I have to admit that I spent several minutes on that page, trying to figure out whether I would want to order one that is engraved or printed. I like the vivid color options of a printed one, but I would imagine that with the rough and tough family I have here that the engraved one would have a better chance of looking good the longest.

Now I just have to put on my thinking cap and decide what design I want to use! I definitely will want my name on it so no one else will get away with claiming ownership of it! This is going to be fun!

If you want something done right

You have to do it yourself. How true that is! Sometimes I get frustrated because I need some help around the house from time to time. Things like loading/unloading the dishwasher, or doing the laundry. I know I’ve spent countless hours demonstrating and teaching the men in the house how to do these things right. Trust me when I say I’m not being anal; if the dishwasher isn’t loaded correctly dishes come out dirty, or come out broken. If the laundry isn’t done right then I have clothes that are ruined – either from colors running together or from zippers and hooks snagging delicate fabrics. If I gently remind them that they need to be done “properly” I get a lot of negative feedback – like “if you want me to do it, then you have to be happy with the way I do it.” And then I reply “If you aren’t going to do it right, please just don’t do it at all.” And then they do it anyway – the wrong way! Very frustrating. I really do wish that if they were not going to do it right that they just leave it undone. I get tired of broken dishes and ruined clothing!

Party time

The months of September and October are filled with a large number of family birthdays and I try to organize one large family gathering to celebrate all of the autumn birthdays at once. Doing it that way seems like a big deal but in reality I think it is a lot easier to pull out all of the birthday party supplies one time and and one great big party than it is to have eight different parties space down over a period of six weeks.

Having one large party like that is reminiscent of a Christmas party because so many people are celebrating and exchanging presents. Having a large family gathering and party in the early autumn is another good way to keep in touch with the extended family. After all most family gathering events run from Thanksgiving through Easter with very little family contact through the summer time.

The biggest hurdle with any family gathering is trying to make certain that any family squabbles will be left out of the party. That can be a big challenge when a big family is involved.

The World Wide Web

I can remember when my hubby and I first got an Internet connection for our house! We were so excited to be part of the newest technology! Back then, the only option for Internet available to your basic homeowner, was via telephone lines. It seemed lightning fast to us, back then. Now, dial-up seems deathly slow! I can remember, too, that when we wanted to go to a website, we had to type in the entire website address, including the “http://” and we always had to include the “www.” right after that. Nowadays, I don’t have to type in any of that code at the beginning of the URL, just the rest of the URL and the “dot com” or “dot net” or whatever the “dot” part is. That sure makes it a lot easier to find what I am looking for!

Labor Day Thoughts

Labor Day (free clip art)

Labor Day (free clip art)

When Labor Day comes around, I find myself in a quandry. I am very grateful to all of the men and women who worked so hard, through labor unions, to get large companies to give their workers better working conditions, benefits, pay, etc. My own job was a union job, and the benefits were a huge help to my family. I find it distressing that so many of my siblings, and my parents, are anti-union. They are very vocal about how anti-union they are. When Labor Day rolls around, sometimes I find it difficult to be around those people.

I hope that you, my dear readers, enjoy your Labor Day Holiday, brought to you by trade unions!