Cute family photo

When Suzy sent me a copy of the family photo that she had done last winter, I had to laugh out loud at just how cute little Sammy was, dressed in the cute toddler tuxedo that I had bought and sent to them last autumn. In addition to the “official” family photo, she sent me several “out-takes” which were a riot to see, with all of the funny facial expressions that were captured. It sure is hard to get a “good” group photo where everyone looks good!

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Easter eggs

I really like to decorate Easter eggs. The problem, though, is that I can’t bring myself to break the shells and eat the eggs after I’ve decorated them! They are just TOO PRETTY to break! What a dilemma that used to be when I was a child. It would break my heart, and besides I didn’t even LIKE to eat hard boiled eggs! But when I got older I learned that you use hard boiled eggs to make egg salad (and I LOVE egg salad sandwiches!) and devilled eggs (also a big favorite of mine!)

So I let the kids decorate the eggs that will get eaten, and I save my decorating energy to eggs that will last much longer – ceramic or papier mache, or some other type of more-permanent surface.  I like to paint on them, or decoupage. I really enjoy letting my creative juices flow with that sort of thing!

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Lost power this morning

Boy am I glad that I have battery backup, and have a gas stove! I woke up earlier than usual this morning because the power went off for a few hours. It’s really eerie how quiet the house gets when nothing is running at all! The house was so quiet, and I like some white noise to help me sleep. Lacking the white noise, I had no way to go back to sleep.

Thank goodness it was light out already, so I didn’t have to find any lights to illuminate anything! So I boiled some water to make some tea, and read the morning newspaper while I drank my tea. After that I went for a short walk and checked out what flowers are budding. When I got back home the power was back on, thank goodness! So then I could take my shower and really start my day! I hate it when there is no electricity!

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I hate to clean windows

Aunt Winnie told me that she has just found out about a window cleaning service that she is going to hire to clean her windows from now on. She said that they are the most environmentally friendly company she could find to do the work for her. They have an software program that they use to give quotes to their customers – this program actually finds their house on satellite so they can see the house without actually going out there! This enables them to give accurate quotes. They use reclaimed rainwater and Rain-X to clean the windows. Using Rain-X on the windows helps to keep the windows clean longer – it repels water and dirt. This reduces the amount of times the windows need to be washed, which saves both money and the environment! I wish that there was a company like that here near where I live! I’d use them in a heartbeat! I hate to clean windows with a passion!

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Catalog questions

A couple of weeks ago I was shopping online looking for some Ruritan club-related clothing items to buy and wear around town, and to club meetings. I was surprised that there was a link to a page that called itself “Supplies” but the page was only a list of items, with a price beside the item. No photographs were on the web page at all! I called the lady in charge of supplies and suggested that they look into sending the information to someplace like for cheap catalog printing and send copies out to the clubs so that prospective customers can see a picture of what it is they are trying to sell! I don’t like ordering things without seeing what it looks like before I order it, and I can’t imagine that many other people like to, either!

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