Modern family

Author: Abdul Sanford

It is that time again folks, time to talk all about my immense love for Modern Family.  Of course this week that I am inspired to write about it they show a rerun, but that’s okay!  That is why we have directv whole home dvr DVR so we can record and delete on a whim.  We know that they need their down time to let their creative minds wander to come up with more and more crazy shenanigans for us to watch every week.  Phil and Claire Dunphy are for me the perfect couple.  They are a more realistic couple as compared with some that they show on tv these days.  I like how they fight and make up and then fight with their kids and then make up again.  They have problems and funny things happen just like any real family would.  I really could go without Sophia Vergara’s voice on this show because sometimes it really starts to get on my nerves but I think it does suit her character’s personality so at least that works for them.