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Big guns

This past week I kept hearing very loud noises, like dynamite, and the house kept shaking. My hubby and I thought it WAS nearby road construction, and we talked about it a little bit. I told him that I thought that it could be some military exercises going on at Quantico, but he expressed his opinion that Quantico was too far away from our house for us to be able to be hearing and feeling those effects. A little while later, my sister asked me if I had felt the house shaking. She was concerned that it might have been earthquakes, and she was frightened! Understandably so, as there have been some earthquakes in recent years in the area.

I told her that I thought it might be the big guns at Quantico, but she also expressed her opinion that Quantico was too far away for us to be experiencing the sound and the vibrations. I told her that there was a lot of Facebook chatter about it, and that they said it was Quantico. I decided to do a little bit of online research on the subject, and discovered that there are some nearby military practice fields that are considered to be part of Quantico, even though Quantico itself is a long distance away! I found a website that talked about how Quantico WAS conducting training sessions with their big cannons that week, and an explanation that on overcast days the noise is louder and carries a further distance.

I showed that article to both my hubby and my sister, and told them what I had learned. I think that everyone felt a little better, knowing what was the reason for the noise and the vibrations!

Midwives And Today’s Technologies

When I first heard of a fetal doppler machine I was way off base on what this type of medical equipment was actually used for. I was on Face Book and somehow got caught up in a conversation about midwives, which is something that I really don’t know much about but has always interested me. I have never had the opportunity to meet one in person. In my mind I still visualize an older woman with long gray hair that has lost her girlish figure decades ago, but radiates such warmth and love in every word and every movement that she makes. So I’m sure that I would be devastated to see today’s modern version of the old fashioned vision that I have always had tucked away in my brain, which I’m sure came from watching way too much TV as a kid. Back then there was a lot of westerns on that usually had the need for a midwife now and then in the story line.

Anyway this fetal doppler machine is used to detect a fetal heart rate quickly and easily from early gestation and all throughout the labor and delivery process. Something that I’m sure my old fashioned mid wife would have loved to have had when so many cowboys were being born.

People Don’t Stay In One Place Anymore

The world is getting smaller every day it seems. The friends that I grew up with have all scattered around the globe. I am so glad that we have email to keep in touch! I miss them all very much and love to hear from them and find out how they are doing, how their families are, who they are working for (or who is working for them!) and how life is treating them in general. With Facebook so popular now I have been able to find a good amount of folks that I had lost contact with, but there are still some that I just can’t seem to locate just yet.

I do find myself nostalgic from time to time, wishing that we all still lived close together. This time of year is when I start thinking of people not only in life right now, but of the people that I knew in the past that I shared with special moments in time with throughout my life in various stages. The older I get the more it seems I keep losing people. Actually I think I get more news these days about another person passing away then I do of new babies entering this world.

Guilt – the gift that keeps on giving

Just a few minutes ago I was reading a facebook entry by a friend of mine that said that guilt does not accomplish anything other than to make you feel bad. Then the entry encourages the reader(s) to let go of their guilt.

That entry made me think for a moment about guilt. My own opinion of guilt is that if people did not feel guilt, then they would do a lot of bad things. I think that guilt is a gift. Kind of like our own Jiminy Cricket. Helps to keep us from making jackasses out of ourselves, you know what I mean?

A Voice From My Past

The phone number that showed on my cell phone was not familiar and had not been saved in my contact list, so I assumed the call was either a wrong number – that happens a lot – or perhaps a political pollster or telemarketer.

Whichever it would be, I was a little annoyed at having to stop what I was doing to answer the phone and deal with someone who was not welcome to intrude on my time.

Well, surprise! The caller was an old high school buddy who had just found my Facebook page and was able to find my phone number. She was calling just to say “Hi” and to reconnect with an old friend. It turns out that I was very glad to hear from her and we had a wonderful long conversation.