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Most career oriented families could use some help!

When I was working full time (actually working 50 hours a week,) taking college courses at night, and raising my two young sons (as a single mother) I found life to be extremely challenging! I could not afford to hire anyone to help me do anything. I was living hand-to-mouth. People would ask me “how do you do it all” and I would reply “it takes a lot of planning, a lot of dedication, and a lot of prioritizing.”

There is a lot more to life beyond just house cleaning when you are working and raising a family. You sometimes have to lower your standards, and sometimes you have to say “no” to people that ask you to help out with things that they want help with. I would have loved to be able to be the mother that was going to go on all of the class field trips and bake all of the cupcakes and cookies to bring to class parties. Unfortunately, there just were not enough hours in the day. That is why I am always supportive of any family where all of the adults in the family have to work when they are able to find ways to lessen their work load! If they have the resources to get help with anything that needs to be done to keep the household running, I am 100% in favor of it!

Big guns

This past week I kept hearing very loud noises, like dynamite, and the house kept shaking. My hubby and I thought it WAS nearby road construction, and we talked about it a little bit. I told him that I thought that it could be some military exercises going on at Quantico, but he expressed his opinion that Quantico was too far away from our house for us to be able to be hearing and feeling those effects. A little while later, my sister asked me if I had felt the house shaking. She was concerned that it might have been earthquakes, and she was frightened! Understandably so, as there have been some earthquakes in recent years in the area.

I told her that I thought it might be the big guns at Quantico, but she also expressed her opinion that Quantico was too far away for us to be experiencing the sound and the vibrations. I told her that there was a lot of Facebook chatter about it, and that they said it was Quantico. I decided to do a little bit of online research on the subject, and discovered that there are some nearby military practice fields that are considered to be part of Quantico, even though Quantico itself is a long distance away! I found a website that talked about how Quantico WAS conducting training sessions with their big cannons that week, and an explanation that on overcast days the noise is louder and carries a further distance.

I showed that article to both my hubby and my sister, and told them what I had learned. I think that everyone felt a little better, knowing what was the reason for the noise and the vibrations!

Sick of Candy Yet?



Easter is so much fun with Easter baskets and lots of candy. for some reason I have more self restraint when it comes to Halloween candy and not eating so much that I get sick. But with Easter candy I don’t seem to have that much self control. I pig out on jelly beans and marshmallow peeps and chocolate bunnies and after a couple of days I feel absolutely sick from all the sugar.

My grandparents used to have Easter baskets for us at their house. Even though we had a basket at our own house, my grandmother loved to surprise us with little treats when we came for a visit on holidays. They also gave us the little boxes of cardboard Valentine’s that we could write out and sign then give to our school friends. But Easter meant dinner, an Easter egg hunt in their yard, and a basket of candies.

My father would take us to their house for every holiday and birthday and bring them gifts for each occasion. One of the standard gifts for my grandmother was a big yellow box of the Whitman’s Sampler. She always made a big deal about how they were her favorite candies in all the world. She would open the box immediately and pass it around to each of us so we could pick out one piece of chocolate to eat right then – even if it was before dinner!

Horses were my youthful passion

horse (free clip art)

horse (free clip art)

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved horses. Unfortunately for me, we lived in a suburban area and my parents had no interest whatsoever in indulging my wishes for pets of any kind, let alone a horse! So I resigned myself to a pet-free childhood, and resolved that when I was old enough to live on my own that I would have whatever pets I could afford to have.

One year my parents decided to go on a week’s vacation without the kids and they farmed me out to a cousin’s horse farm for the week. I was in horse heaven that week! My parents bought me a pair of used horse riding boots and dropped me off at Cousin Betty’s house and I was totally emerged in horse farm life for the week. One of the things that Cousin Betty had me do was to help straighten up and clean the saddlery that was in the tack room. She showed me how to use saddle soap to clean the saddles and halters and reins. She had me muck some stalls, which was hard work, but I didn’t mind at all. I was with horses on a horse farm! She showed me how to groom a horse, and she gave me a few riding lessons. I wished that week would never end!

Did you set your clocks back?

Fall Back (free clip art)

Fall Back (free clip art)

I find it amusing how many people forget all about changing their clocks when we are supposed to change them to and from Daylight Savings Time/Eastern Standard Time. I always wonder how many people are going to be late, or early, for church!

I have to admit it gets confusing at my house because there are some clocks that we forget to change for a few days. Then there are often clocks that I remember to change, and then later someone else in the house changes it AGAIN so that clock is still an hour off! That’s always good for a panic attack! I really wish they would just do away with changing the clocks – pick a time and stick with it! There really is no good reason anymore for changing the clocks! My parents used to say it was for “the farmers” but I know enough farmers that tell me that is not true, and the cows don’t recognize the time change and still need to be milked the same time no matter what the clock says! I think life would be a lot easier if they would just pick a time and stick with it!