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Gaudy cabinets

I am not the kind of person who like shiny hardware around the house. I prefer the toned down looks of pewter and tarnished/burnished metals for the most part. Well, ok I like copper when it is shiny. But I don’t like shiny brass fixtures. When we moved into this house, one of the first things I noticed about the house that I wanted to change was the cabinet hardware in the kitchen. It was very large shiny brass. We had just replaced the kitchen appliances with stainless steel and the shiny brass was just too garish for me! So I wanted to replace the hardware with something a little bit less shiny. I ended up buying some hardware that looks like pewter, which I like a lot better. I’ve been surprised recently when I have had occasion to go to other people’s homes to find the exact same hardware in their kitchen! That certainly makes me feel validated!

Watch the pets

“If I have told the family once, I’ve told them a thousand times” …… Have you ever said that? Well, I may not have told them a thousand times, but I have told them a lot of times not to leave expensive things like cables lying around the house unattended overnight. One of the dogs loves to chew on cables! We’ve had to put alum paste on all of the exposed cables in the house to keep the dogs from chewing on them, but I cannot chase around the house every day to check and make sure that there are no un-treated cables lying around.

Well, sure enough, Gene left his electric guitar out last night, and now we are going to have to make a quick trip to the mall to pick up an affordable electric guitar cable to replace the one that the dog chewed up. Bad dog! Bad Gene! If I told you once, I’ve told you…….

Lost power this morning

Boy am I glad that I have battery backup, and have a gas stove! I woke up earlier than usual this morning because the power went off for a few hours. It’s really eerie how quiet the house gets when nothing is running at all! The house was so quiet, and I like some white noise to help me sleep. Lacking the white noise, I had no way to go back to sleep.

Thank goodness it was light out already, so I didn’t have to find any lights to illuminate anything! So I boiled some water to make some tea, and read the morning newspaper while I drank my tea. After that I went for a short walk and checked out what flowers are budding. When I got back home the power was back on, thank goodness! So then I could take my shower and really start my day! I hate it when there is no electricity!

I hate to clean windows

Aunt Winnie told me that she has just found out about a window cleaning service that she is going to hire to clean her windows from now on. She said that they are the most environmentally friendly company she could find to do the work for her. They have an software program that they use to give quotes to their customers – this program actually finds their house on satellite so they can see the house without actually going out there! This enables them to give accurate quotes. They use reclaimed rainwater and Rain-X to clean the windows. Using Rain-X on the windows helps to keep the windows clean longer – it repels water and dirt. This reduces the amount of times the windows need to be washed, which saves both money and the environment! I wish that there was a company like that here near where I live! I’d use them in a heartbeat! I hate to clean windows with a passion!

Mr and Mrs Claus

Mr and Mrs Santa Claus

Mr and Mrs Santa Claus

One of my favorite decorations for the house at Christmastime is a pair of handmade Mr and Mrs Santa Claus. I remember buying them the Christmas of 1974 for $25 for the pair. They were being sold by a friend of the lady who made them and brought them to the office to try to sell them. Well, being a sucker for handmade items, and being young and newly out on my own I grabbed them up! They’ve held up very well considering how old they are, and I love them dearly. They grace a space of honor in my house every Christmas