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Horses were my youthful passion

horse (free clip art)

horse (free clip art)

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved horses. Unfortunately for me, we lived in a suburban area and my parents had no interest whatsoever in indulging my wishes for pets of any kind, let alone a horse! So I resigned myself to a pet-free childhood, and resolved that when I was old enough to live on my own that I would have whatever pets I could afford to have.

One year my parents decided to go on a week’s vacation without the kids and they farmed me out to a cousin’s horse farm for the week. I was in horse heaven that week! My parents bought me a pair of used horse riding boots and dropped me off at Cousin Betty’s house and I was totally emerged in horse farm life for the week. One of the things that Cousin Betty had me do was to help straighten up and clean the saddlery that was in the tack room. She showed me how to use saddle soap to clean the saddles and halters and reins. She had me muck some stalls, which was hard work, but I didn’t mind at all. I was with horses on a horse farm! She showed me how to groom a horse, and she gave me a few riding lessons. I wished that week would never end!

Did you set your clocks back?

Fall Back (free clip art)

Fall Back (free clip art)

I find it amusing how many people forget all about changing their clocks when we are supposed to change them to and from Daylight Savings Time/Eastern Standard Time. I always wonder how many people are going to be late, or early, for church!

I have to admit it gets confusing at my house because there are some clocks that we forget to change for a few days. Then there are often clocks that I remember to change, and then later someone else in the house changes it AGAIN so that clock is still an hour off! That’s always good for a panic attack! I really wish they would just do away with changing the clocks – pick a time and stick with it! There really is no good reason anymore for changing the clocks! My parents used to say it was for “the farmers” but I know enough farmers that tell me that is not true, and the cows don’t recognize the time change and still need to be milked the same time no matter what the clock says! I think life would be a lot easier if they would just pick a time and stick with it!

Fun costumes

costumes (free clip art)

costumes (free clip art)

A couple of weeks ago my sister and I were going through some sexy costumes that we had come across when we were helping Miss J clear out her house. Miss J asked for our help because she is moving into an assisted living apartment and can’t take it all with her. She has living in a five bedroom house (she had five kids!) and had lived there for over fifty years. Naturally she has a LOT of things! My sister and I brought all the costumes home with us; we just couldn’t bear to part with them!

She used to be in a local Lions club that held variety shows as fundraisers for their charities. That was way back in the ’60s. Miss J and our mother performed in those shows, dancing and singing. They made a lot of their own costumes back then; they were great seamstresses! I sure wish that we had videotapes of their shows, but that was before inexpensive video cameras became available to the general public. We have a few silent home movies of their rehearsals, but that just isn’t the same. I’m sure that they would have had a great time if the Internet had been invented back then and they could have used it to find discount sexy costumes to buy online instead of spending so many hours sewing!

Gaudy cabinets

I am not the kind of person who like shiny hardware around the house. I prefer the toned down looks of pewter and tarnished/burnished metals for the most part. Well, ok I like copper when it is shiny. But I don’t like shiny brass fixtures. When we moved into this house, one of the first things I noticed about the house that I wanted to change was the cabinet hardware in the kitchen. It was very large shiny brass. We had just replaced the kitchen appliances with stainless steel and the shiny brass was just too garish for me! So I wanted to replace the hardware with something a little bit less shiny. I ended up buying some hardware that looks like pewter, which I like a lot better. I’ve been surprised recently when I have had occasion to go to other people’s homes to find the exact same hardware in their kitchen! That certainly makes me feel validated!

Watch the pets

“If I have told the family once, I’ve told them a thousand times” …… Have you ever said that? Well, I may not have told them a thousand times, but I have told them a lot of times not to leave expensive things like cables lying around the house unattended overnight. One of the dogs loves to chew on cables! We’ve had to put alum paste on all of the exposed cables in the house to keep the dogs from chewing on them, but I cannot chase around the house every day to check and make sure that there are no un-treated cables lying around.

Well, sure enough, Gene left his electric guitar out last night, and now we are going to have to make a quick trip to the mall to pick up an affordable electric guitar cable to replace the one that the dog chewed up. Bad dog! Bad Gene! If I told you once, I’ve told you…….